Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just for fun!

Here's a cool site that features art found at thrift stores. Much of the art is tacky and some is down-right bizarre. Some of it looks to be outsider &/or folk art. Some is student or Sunday painter work. Next time you go thrifting, consider the art you find with a new eye.
Your tacky masterpiece might belong in the American Museum of Visionary Art!

A Handy Site to Help Simplify Your Site

In some of my articles I have included site link URLs that are very long. For better site appearance & typing simplification, I went to TINYURL to shorten my URL links. Saves your vision, time & some key strokes! And it's free!

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores accept used goods in excellent, like-new condition that are in-style & in-season. Some stores specialize in consigning vintage &/or antique items. There are 'niche' consignment shops for brides, teens, kids,expectant mothers, plus size,etc. I am covering only clothing consignment shops that I have personally inspected, but there are more clothing shops & some shops do consign furniture, baby items, home accessories & bric-a-brac.
If you are looking for quality clothing at decent prices for work or that special event, a consignment might provide just what you are seeking.
In addition to buying items, you can consign items & make some money from your used clothing. Check with the shops for their guidelines on consignment.

HALL TREE - 12 S. Thompson St. 358-9985
Hall Tree is an upscale consignment boutique featuring high-end & designer clothing.
They are expensive but reduce seasonally.
My problem with the Hall Tree is this
: the proprietors & sales clerks are snobs. If you're not one of their buddies, one of their 'kind' of people (basically, the ladies who lunch), you'll receive no decent customer service. You'll be treated as if you intend to shoplift from or rob the place. Despite the value & quality of the merchandise, I don't recommend you shop there because I don't like to see folks spending their money at places that mistreat the majority of their customers.

PLATO'S CLOSET - 419 N Ridge Rd., 282-0725
Teen clothing. Has sections for guys & gals & for plus-size teens. Mostly big name brands like Gap, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, etc.

BUTTERFLY - 5726 Patterson Ave. # B, 288-4700
Excellent quality. Has the customer service Hall Tree lacks. Reduces regularly 25-75%. Lowest prices can be real bargains.

KATHI'S KLOSET - 1551 N Parham Rd. 282-1312
Quality,non-frumpy women's 14+ plus-size clothing & accessories. Some larger sized shoes. Friendly service & prices are reduced regularly. Close-out rack at the back of the store is thrift-store cheap.

Here is a link to a list of other local consignment shops: