Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shared Housing

Years ago there used to be lots of rooming houses and shared housing. I used to manage a rooming house in the Fan. This form of housing was extremely commonplace during the Great Depression and is still commonplace among new immigrants to the U.S.
Nowadays, however,it seems everybody and their blasted American brother feels they must own a McMansion for with enough space for three families, even though only a small family may actually reside in the place. A big part of the housing crisis stems from people buying over-priced McMansions and assuming more mortage than they could actually afford.
With the housing and mortage crisis and ever rising rents and utility costs and with the call for more sustainable living, perhaps it's time we revisited the concept of shared housing.
Shared housing has kept some people from foreclosure, others from homelessness.
Here's a link to a national effort for shared housing.
If you have a house with some extra rooms and need some more money or you are looking for a place to live, this might be a solution for you!