Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bankrate's article gives advice on coping if you have no health insurance or have recently lost your insurance. You can also use the site to compare insurance plans and costs.
It has some ideas for the 47+ MILLION WORKING AMERICANS (shameful! just shameful!) who are un or underinsured. (Even with ACA.)
The state of medical insurance or lack thereof is the shame of America! We are the land of the free, the home of the brave and a country in which it seems many government & private concerns don't care if we live or die!
America is the only major 1st world, industrialized country that does not provide some sort of medical care and social safety net for ALL its citizens.
In America, you have to be rag-tag poor (esp. here in Virginia) to get help & then many people look down on you & think you are a lazy bum.
How can we purport to be a GREAT country if we treat a good portion of our citizens like beggars & instead, we reward greed?

America, our country is now reaping what we have sown in so many ways & unfortunately, the many are paying for the gross abuses of the few.