Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some frugal home remedies

Sometimes home remedies for your ailments work! 
(In the interest of not getting sued, I am not a medical professional & don't claim that these remedies can diagnose or cure any illness or medical condition.)
Here are a few frugal remedies that I have personally found to be helpful:
~ Canned green beans for cold sores - At the first inkling of a cold sore eat canned green beans. Do not drain the beans and do not substitute frozen or fresh beans for canned. The cold sore will stop forming & if already started will be less serious & not last as long. Green beans work better than OTC remedies & as well as prescription remedies. Also, consider taking the amino acid Lysine, available at drugstores & health food stores.
~ Apples & apple juice for Fibromyalgia pain. I'm told it helps as much as many of the OTC & prescription remedies.
~ Artichokes for liver detoxification. Artichokes are a member of the Thistle family& contain the same liver detox herb, Silymarin, as the herbal preparation Milk Thistle. Two fresh, canned or frozen Artichokes twice weekly provide as much Silymarin as a daily 600 mg. Milk Thistle capsule.
~Magnesium for migraine headache prevention & to help prevent nighttime leg cramps. Potassium also helps the cramps. I've also heard that placing a silver spoon on the cramp or sleeping with a bar of Ivory soap under the calf of your leg can help.

~Vitamin E for leg cramps - It's the main thing that stopped my horrible leg cramps. A doctor recommended this to me.
~ If you get a cold take sub-lingual (under the tongue) Zinc Gluoccinate tablets. The Zinc shortens the duration & the intensity of the cold. Also, take a laxative & help flush the mucus out of your system & down the drain. And of course, there's always chicken soup!

Sambuccus (elderberries) To avoid or lessen the flu & other seasonal viruses such as colds.
~ For a stomach ache, take ginger ale or ginger tea or a piece of candied ginger. Ginger also helps nausea.