Monday, December 29, 2008


In this uncertain economic time, being frugal is more important than ever. 
Being a saver is part of the frugal lifestyle. Saving money allows us freedom from fear when unexpected expenses occur, allows us to buy things without going into debt and helps us secure a decent retirement and old age.
America used to be a nation of savers. No more! We are a nation of credit-crazy debtors, from the individual and family on Main Street to the head honchos on Wall Street and our own federal government.
The is no time like the present to start to reverse our fortunes, get out of debt and save, save, save!
It will take time, it will take courage and persistence but it can happen if we just start NOW! No amount is too little to start saving. Round up that change lurking between the couch cushions, save your change after purchases, pocket the savings from coupons and rebates. The more you do this, the easier it gets!
Go sign the pledge at We The Savers to get started.