Friday, July 10, 2009


HP(of computer and printer fame) offers some great free classes and learning tools at:

HP offers a wide variety of computer and IT classes, as well as basic business and home office education. The classes are free, totally online and lead by working professionals. You can ask questions of the instructors and chat with your 'classmates' on the discussion boards.
After succesful completion of your class, you can print out a certificate for that class.
You won't get college credit (unless your college accepts these as life long learning credit. You could ask!) but you will get excellent information and training for free.
I've taken several of these courses and I learned some skills and information at HP that weren't included in the advanced IT courses I took at my community college!

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Many of you may be filling out forms these days for various reasons; job applications, college applications, loan and financial aide applications, insurance forms,etc.
I work with forms everyday and we send back forms that have not been filled out completely and according to the instructions on the forms. We have to send back as many as 100 incorrectly or inadequately filled forms a day and many people are waiting for our forms as a part of a job application process!
So a word of advice; 

If an area is not applicable to you, write N/A. If information is unknown to you or you don't remember, indicate UNK (unknown). 

If you need to get your signature notarized, do so and make you you bring proper I.D. to the notary public and that the notary's term is still current and that they have a notary number and seal. 
If you are under 18, get your parent or guardian's notarized co-signature. 
Respect any date deadlines. 
If payment is required, pay only in the manner requested. Money orders are almost always acceptable.
Don't fill out or sign any area that is not yours to sign. For some reason, many people sign and date the area that is indicated for the office staff only!
How would you feel if the ONLY reason you lost out on a job opportunity or a loan was an incorrectly filled form?
Follow the above guidelines and save yourself time, money and a lot of grief.