Thursday, April 30, 2015


Below are some links to some online education sites. Only one is totally free but most have discounts & compared to traditional college & university costs they are cheap!

Sign up for their newsletter & get a 50% coupon for one course!

Not cheap but Living Social & Groupon feature discount vouchers that can make these courses very inexpensive.

Not cheap but not expensive for what you get. As you learn they coach you & give you leads so you can make money from your budding skills as you learn! All courses are IT related.

List of free Massive Online Only Courses.

Free courses! These are aimed at secondary schoolers but many of us (including moi!) need to refresh our basics or even learn/update a few new things. And for free, why not?

Links to free e-books, free textbooks, free online courses & more!
Treehouse is an online educational venue for coding, design and related business courses. You get two weeks free to try them out. The fees are quite reasonable: $25.00 a month for the regular plan or $49.00 for the Pro Plan.  Most people would need only the regular plan, especially when they first sign on.


Want to read free or very low cost e-books? 

Try some of these sites:

Free Kindles Today
(Free Kindle books that are oriented towards online business and self-help)

Buck Books
(e-books for  a buck. Usually has at least one freebie per day.)

Book Bub 
(free and cheap e-books. Never over $2.99)

Free Computer/Tech Books

Open Culture
(Free E-books, e-textbooks, movies and more)

Forgotten Books 
(1 free book download per day. You can download as many as you want with a paid subscription. Read for free online.) 

Google Books
(some free, some not)

Project Gutenberg

(search for free Kindles in the Kindle shop)

(Borrow e-books, etc. from your public library if you have a library card.)

Digital Books Today
(Lists the top 100 Free e-books)