Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Frugal Place to Shop

I don't usually think of a dollar store as a place to buy frozen & cold foods, but the Dollar Tree at 9780 West Broad Street - (965-0757)
(West Broad Street just below Gaskins Road - north side of Broad)
has lots of frozen & cold foods!
Go to the cases in the back of the store & find frozen chicken, fish, veggies & more. In the cold case area, find cheese, milk, eggs & more!
All for a dollar a package!
What a bargain!

NEWS FLASH !!! ~ The Dollar Tree at 8920 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA - (740-4670)
now has frozen & cold foods!
The store manager said most Dollar Trees
will be getting cold & frozen foods soon. Look for it at the store nearest you!

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