Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two more frugal places to shop

Big!Lots and Dollar General Store can yield some very good deals.
Dollar General has deals in everyday canned and boxed foodstuffs and for personal and laundry cleaning products,especially in their own Dollar General brand. They have periodic sales and clearance sales on seasonal merchandise. You can find them even in very small towns in the rural South,
To find the nearest Dollar General store go to:http://www.dollargeneral.com/storelocator/default.aspx

Big!Lots has overstock and returned and seconds products.
They have good deals in foodstuffs (sometimes in foreign and exotic or natural foods!) and beverages and in personal and laundry products.
They also carry furniture, home decor, pet, kids, school and gardening products and clothing.
Those products can be very good values or they can be over-priced junk. Shop carefully!
Big!Lots discounts seasonal products at the end of the season.
Find the nearest Big!Lots:


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