Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Various discounts

Did you know that if you are a senior citizen (beginning age limit varies,) a member of the military or law enforcement, a state or federal employee or various other catagories, you may qualify for discounts and special rates at businesses?
Many businesses give AARP and/or AAA discounts.
For example, Kroger grocers gives a 5% discount to people over 55 on Tuesdays.
Local Goodwills give an over 55 discount on Sundays.
St. Mary's Golden Opportunity Shop gives an over 55 discount on Mondays.

NOTICE: GOODWILL discontinued all of its employee, senior, student, handicapped and military discounts as of August, 2006. Seems all the discounts were cutting into the profits that pay for its programs that benefit disabled and disadvantaged people. Since I only know one person besides me who knew of the discounts, I figure Goodwill employees must have been buying large quantities on discount or else like the Public Library sales, dealers come in on discount days and buy up quantites to resell on EBAY or in their second hand shops. What a shame. A few greedy sorts spoil the extra discounts for everyone. But since Goodwill is generally pretty cheap anyway, I will continue to patronize them.
And they do a good service for the community, so I hope discontinuing the extra discounts really does make a substantial difference in their bottom line.

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