Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Special Help for Medical Bills in Virginia

If you are experiencing issues with health insurance, job retention, or debt crisis as related to your diagnosis of a chronic, life-threatening or debilitating disease, the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) may be able to help.
PAF operates many programs to assist with access to healthcare resources, one of which is the Virginia Cares Uninsured Program (VCUP).
VCUP provides case management assistance to uninsured Virginians diagnosed with a chronic, life-threatening or debilitating disease.
PAF also offers the Co-Pay Relief Program, which provides financial assistance to insured individuals who qualify medically and financially.

> Patient Advocate Foundation: 1-800-532-5274 > Co-Pay Relief Program: 1-866-512-3861

>This information came straight from the website of Virginia Department of Social Services, so I know it is both timely and accurate.

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