Sunday, May 03, 2009


West End Produce, which sells vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants as well as some breads and jams,etc., has found a new location! YEAH!!!
I was so dismayed when they closed the old location and hadn't heard if they had found a new location. Today we drove as we drove up Patterson Avenue heading towards Route 288, I noticed the new stand as we drove by.
The new location is still on Patterson Avenue (Route 6) but is about a mile or more further west on Patterson Avenue than the old stand, which was at Patterson and Gaskins . The new stand is on the south side of Patterson Avenue.


Colleen Wms said...

We were SO thrilled too when we rode by it a few weeks back and saw it had opened in the new location. We had to stop and pick up a few plants and produce and a jar of honey.

jthell said...

Just found this blog! Great info.
...If anyone knows where I can find ElderBerry Jam/Jelly in Richmond PLEASE let me know! Thanks.

MaryEL said...

Don't know for sure in Richmond, but I saw some at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Staunton. If you are up that way on Saturday, check them out!