Sunday, August 02, 2009


Market Umbrella is an organization dedicated to bringing European style markets featuring fresh local food and wares from artisans to Richmond.

Their current markets are:

Market Emporium @ Bryan Park
Lakeside Ave and I-95, exit 80
TUESDAY'S from 3 - 7 pm
May - December

South of the James Market @ Forest Hill Park
Forest Hill Ave & 42nd Street
SATURDAY'S from 8 am - 1 pm
May - December

Market Umbrella 1st Fridays @ Quirk Gallery
311 W. Broad Street
1st FRIDAY of each month from 6 - 10 pm
Year Round


Clairese lippincott said...

Most of these "farmers" are not farmers at all.

The majority of vendors who I have met at local "farmer's markets" buy their produce from regional wholesalers, like the one on Route 3 in Westmoreland County.

While technically the produce can be claimed to be local, in most cases, it wasn't grown on some, small, family-owned farm.

I still enjoy shopping at these markets, but the next time you are there, ask the vendor if they grew the produce themselves. When they say no, ask them which food wholesaler did they buy the good from.

Jason Struck, RKC said...

Bryan Park's market is probably my favorite in Richmond so far. I'd recommend it!

Anonymous said...

The Lakeside Farmers market has several "true"farmers.