Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Take Back Your Time Day!

Part of frugal, green living is simpler living; living that is not driven by workaholism (and that includes the endless unpaid drudge work of chores and household maintenance, as well a paid jobs,) hectic scheduling of classes, teams, religious meetings, whatever... Life ain't just about money, honey ;
How many people these days actually VACATE when they take a vacation, IF they take a vacation? How many people spend their vacation time catching up on household chores rather than traveling and visiting friends and family or going the the beach or mountains or a museum or a concert?
How many people spend that time preparing for their next work, their next class or such instead of indulging in recreation (RE-CREATION!) or a fun hobby or past time?
When, did we as a society, become such a nation of uninteresting, no-fun drudges??? WHY? 
What happened to the ideals and leisure of the 60's? Why have we returned to our Puritan pasts?
Why with more labor saving devices than ever are we busier and working more ?
National Take Back Your Time Day (USA & CANADA) proposes some solutions.
Check them out!
While you are exploring this idea, also explore the idea of National Buy Nothing Day. 

National Buy Nothing Day proposes that we sit out the national shop-a-thon frenzy of Retail Black Friday - the day after American Thanksgiving. Sure you can get great bargains on Black Friday, IF you get to the store in the middle-of-the-night and camp out in the cold and IF you are prepared to push & shove like a bunch of football holligans for merchandise that's probably already sold out and IF you are prepared to sacrifice precious holiday time away from your family and friends. And to me, friends, THAT'S NO BARGAIN! Besides, do you really need that super-duper wide-screen plasma TV, even if it is dirt cheap? If you must participate in such a frenzy, go online for Retail Black Monday and shop from the comfort of your home.

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