Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grocery & Other Coupons

Sometimes using coupons can save you lots of money; just be sure you are using the coupon for something you need anyway!
In the case of grocery coupons: Try to use your coupons on sales, on double-coupon days and on other discount days (such as senior discount days) to maximize their value. Check to see if using a coupon is your best deal or if buying a generic or store brand of the same item is a better deal.
Sometimes coupons can be the best deal, especially if you prefer the name-brand item.
Some places I've found coupons:
  • www.valpak.com
  • www.smartsource.com
  • www.coolsavings.com
  • In the Sunday newspaper and in mailers such as MoneyClip & Reach.
  • Newspaper Websites
  • Manufacturers and store websites.
  • Email newsletters from manufacturers or stores.
  • Back of packages & inserts in packages and on trial sizes
  • Coupon dispensers on store shelves and flyers in stores.
  • Coupon trading boxes in stores.
  • Sign up for your local grocery's customer card. They will send you coupons or take coupons out of your grocery purchase receipt at the checkout.
  • Check-out coupons at the grocery or drugstore and coupons on the back of your store receipt.
  • Here's a site that thoroughly covers the topic of grocery coupon savings: http://www.grocerycouponguide.com/
  • If you know of a great coupon source, please post in the comment section!

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