Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some thoughts on frugality...

I hear various people complaining that they have trouble making ends meet. But when I listen further, I find that these people invariably have unnecessary, and often foolish expenses that are using up their paychecks.
(Before I get rude comments: I know people have unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, car repairs or a sudden loss of income. I know some people make peanuts and any normal expense is a stretch for them. That's not the people I am writing about here.)
Do you really NEED cable or satellite TV services or if you live in an area that won't receive tv without a dish, do you need the premium service? Do you need the fanciest cellphone and cell service plan? Do you smoke? Are you driving a gas guzzler and/or high-end car when you could drive an economy vehicle or take public transit? How about that daily latte at the coffee shop?
Think about these things!
Take smoking: Smoking wrecks your health and appearance. Your medical and dental bills go up, your insurance rates rise and you will lose your looks earlier and need fancy face creams sooner than a non-smoker.

Smokers: I must tell you this: your breath and clothes/hair/house stink! They reek! The awful stench alone should get you to stop smoking but maybe your sense of smell is diminished by your damn stinky coffin nails.
These days cigarettes retail for around $4.00 per pack (or a tad less if buy the bargain brand by the carton at an outlet or Costco.)
Say you smoke even one pack a day:
That's 4 x 365 or $1,460 a year up in smoke and eating up your lungs! If you smoke TWO packs a day, you spent around $2920 !!!
If you put that same amount in a high-yield savings account or invested it, you would be earning money and have a tidy sum.
When you are fretting about making ends meet, think of stopping the frivolous expenses. I'm not saying you should be a skinflint and deny yourself every pleasure ( I am not like that!), but when you get rid of the bloated expenses, you have more room for the fun stuff and can put the money saved towards your life dreams.


Sheina said...

I agree!!! I just found you with a search in goggle. I love your list of thrift stores! I have been to many of them, a few Ill have to check out.


James said...

We are of one mind. I worked with some poor folks that always moaned about their SES, but they had cable. I never understood it. I think it was a way to escape their lives. The same might go for smoking.
Nice post.